Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Once you're cut off, you're cut off.

"I'm GDP, that's Pitol Pete; sorry for the sound."

attended first slangcorp show. actually handed my admi$$ion directly to GDP himself. suffered through two insufferable crust punk bands, turns out it was one band playing two sets. i think they broke the sound. thought it would never end. then the smoke literally cleared, and there was GDP. beats glitched in and out as a shady unibomber-looking guy (Pistol) rapped along to GDP who almost immediately just started shaking his head realizing no one can hear him.

There was a good 20 minutes with both a beat and live amplified vocals, but I can't say it was anything short of pathetic in terms of sound quality. For a bar with such a rich legacy compared to the rest of Williamsburg, they sure seem to give less of a fuck about live music than anything else. I hope the rest of their tour is better than that.

In terms of no-budget rap videos, this is as dope as it gets. Working within ones means is not one of the more boasted lifestyles in mainstream rap, save a few mediocre examples. But it certainly is for indie rap. Even to say that phrase makes me cringe, because most people think that means Atmosphere and other such garbage. Whatever you want to call it, slangcorp is doing it right. The most remarkable part of this: GDP's last line in this song describes exactly what he did at the show. Prophetic as a bitch.

Sunday, September 26, 2010



Not unlike a faithful hawk, the first mix of the Monstropoly EP has returned to us dripping with crisp, sparkly production liquids. In a desperate attempt to let this wet bird into your home, I present latest promotional internet hybrid gimmick that I know of:

Monstropolist: Tweet for Track

Basically you get a free download of the song in exchange for you informing your followers that you have done that very thing. How cool is that? Very cool, I'm being told.
But please, don't believe me. Try it for yourself.

That should hold you over for the next few weeks, until you can finally feast upon the digital nutrition that is the whole EP.

Monstropolist: Tweet for Track

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